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The most amazing, complex, flavoursome glaze and of all the new summer products - just quietly the one  I'm so proud of. This makes a lovely gift for foodie lovers of big flavours. 

Perfect for glazing your Christmas Hams and so much more. Whether you drizzle over roasted aubergines,, zucchini, sweet corn or peppers for the bbq - your veggie lover friends will thank you for it.  Marinade chicken, tofu, pork chops, use for pulled pork or chicken for tacos.

With hints of rosemary, thyme, orange and the smokiness of paprika paired perfectly with chilli and chipotle, this glaze is just so full of flavour and deliciously balanced.

Ingredients -  Ketchup - preservative and gluten free, balsamic vinegar, fresh orange juice & zest, brown sugar, English mustard, chipotle, Worcester Sauce, rosemary, thyme, onion, bay leaf, garlic, Thai Chili, cumin, fennel, smoked paprika, cloves , Himalayan Salt

Allergen!! - contains malt ( gluten) contains fish ( anchovy) Worcester Sauce

 Allergens - While much care is taken crafting your soups, broths , sauces and condiments, they are made in a kitchen handling gluten-containing cereal grains, milk, soy products, sesame, peanuts, tree-nuts, fish & shellfish.

Shelf stable, use within three - four months for freshness. Refrigerate upon opening.