ROASTED GARLIC AIOLI w/ extra virgin olive oil-270 ml

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Roasted garlic.  This aioli is so versatile, great over eggs, of course a love pairing with BLT sammies, an accompaniment dollop along side salmon, avocado salads, used to dress your roast veggie salads with rocket and parmesan shavings and it is certainly developing a cult following with many market regulars and friends. ( One of my pals orders 4 jars at a time " I literally eat it over pretty much everything"! )

Roasting garlic adds another level of flavour and depth and any aioli is so much better for your health using the good fats of extra virgin olive oil and extra virgin rapeseed oil than using many of the cheaper refined oils out there.

Ingredients: extra virgin cold pressed olive oil, extra virgin cold pressed rapeseed oil, free-range egg yolks, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, A bit dressy spiced grain mustard, roasted garlic, Himalayan salt & cracked pepper.

!! Allergen: contains egg ( yolk) 

Use within 28 days of opening for freshness. Refrigerate upon opening.