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Gift yourself and loved ones a nutritious bowl of green goodness. This luscious, fulfilling soup is PACKED FULL of all of the good greens to boost the wellness of your liver, boasting great anti - inflammatory ingredients for a happy gut and super yummy to boot. One of our best sellers!

vegan - garnished here with coconut yoghurt & fresh coriander.

Ingredients: A bit dressy vegetable stock, broccoli, roasted kumara, onion, spinach, kale, green peas, water, garlic, ginger, aromatic herbs and spices, Virgin olive oil, Himalayan salt & cracked pepper.

GARNISH TIPS - Vegetarians use cream, sour cream or your favourite blue cheese or feta crumbed over the top for some extra zhooshing! 

Refrigerate and use within 7-9 days. Can be frozen for up to 3 months, remove from glass jar before freezing. 2-3 servings ( depending on your appetite!)