LARA'S DIVINE DAHL - 1 ltr - vegetarian

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OH DARLING DAHL - such a wonderful plant based protein, full of aromatic spices, tomato, coconut cream for the good fats and big on flavour. I have been a die hard fan of Dahl and its many versions forever.

Lentil dishes have been known to Indians since very early times. Archaeological evidence indicates that the Indian dal made its first appearance in the Indus Valley Civilization, where lentils – of all kinds – were a staple food.

  • Pulses are a great way of obtaining protein and fibre, minus the high-fat content.So, eating pulses can give you the right amount of energy and nutrition, but without piling on the calories.
  • The protein and fibre in pulses also fills up the stomach and contributes to a feeling of satiety. This means that consuming pulses can help you control your appetite and prevents overeating.

Ingredients: Mung dahl lentils, red lentils, a bit dressy vegan broth, water, tomatoes, coconut cream, ghee, tumeric, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, mustard seeds, garlic, ginger, chilli, garam masala, Himalayan salt & pepper.

!! Allergen:  contains ghee - clarified butter suitable for vegetarians

GARNISH TIPS: As pictured here, I add chopped spinach, tons of coriander and fresh finely diced chilli - enjoy with a fried egg and chutney for a protein packed brunch, as a side to a curry or just with brown rice or quinoa. Great with fresh sliced banana and toasted coconut too.

Refrigerate and use within 14-21 days. Can be frozen for up to 3 months, remove from glass jar before freezing. 2-3 servings ( depending on your appetite!)