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One of the greatest pleasures in Winter? Tomato soup.

The aroma and anticipation of a steaming, bowl of homemade tomato soup, served with some melted cheese toasties.  Such a vibrant pick me up, full of flavour and packed with  antioxidants, especially Lycopene, which offer many health benefits.  High in Vitamin A, K, Potassium and folate too. Low in calories.

Ingredients: Roasted tomato, A Bit Dressy veggie stock, leeks, basil, oregano, olive oil, tomato paste, chili, brown sugar, Himalayan Salt & pepper.

GARNISH TIPS : apart from cheesy toasties, you can quickly toss garlic and olive oil onto a grill pan and toast bread, flipping once on top of the grill to absorb all that yummy garlicy flavour, and get those nice charred lines. Add a dollop of cream, greek yoghurt or creme fraiche with your favourite herbs. Crumble goats cheese and fresh many good options.

Refrigerate and use within 7-9 days. Can be frozen for up to 3 months, remove from glass jar before freezing. 2-3 servings ( depending on your appetite!)