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This fruit, the Tamarillo, is truly my favourite for chutney.

Hot, tart and just a smidge sweet! Perfect with cheeses, grilled Mediterranean vegetables, cold meats and as the other perfect accompaniment with our scrummy spiced mustard. GREAT GIFTING OPTIONS FOR OUR FOODIE LOVER FRIENDS & FAMILY.

Ingredients - Tamarillo, apple, onion, malt vinegar, brown sugar, Lara's mixed spice, mustard,  Himalayan Salt

Allergen!! - contains barley ( gluten)

 Allergens - While much care is taken crafting your soups, broths , sauces and condiments, they are made in a kitchen handling gluten-containing cereal grains, milk, soy products, sesame, peanuts, tree-nuts, fish & shellfish.

Shelf stable, use within three - four months for freshness. Refrigerate upon opening.