WATERCRESS, KUMARA SOUP w/ truffle -1ltr-vegan

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Such a nutritious bowl of green leafy goodness is our NEW watercress soup! 
This is such a delicious soup, truffle subtle yet with a watercress punch, peppery & creamy in all the right ways. 
Perfect served chilled in our hot summer days at lunch or heated in colder months  if you prefer.

Ingredients: A bit Dressy vegan broth, watercress, onion, celery, caramelized leek, roasted Kumara, olive oil, truffle whip, Himalayan Salt & pepper. 

GARNISH TIPS: parmesan shavings, a fresh zhoozh of truffle oil, bacon or pancetta bites or serve w a dollop of Greek yoghurt and paprika. Smear A Bit Dressy’s green herby sauce on some crusty bread and serve. 

Refrigerate and use within 7-9 days. Can be frozen for up to 3 months, remove from glass jar before freezing. 2-3 servings ( depending on your appetite!)